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"The EmpowerFinancials support team has consistently provided great response to our technical inquiries."

Greg O'Hearn
Midwest government agency, IT support staff

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  EmpowerFinancials believes timely, knowledgeable support is as important to your total solution as the quality of our software products. To us, this is more than just a slogan, it's a principle around which our company is organized.  

The standard model in the software industry is for you to spend hours checking their Web site looking for a documented answer to your question. If that doesn't work, then you can send an email, and if a response is not forthcoming, you can call a support number, where you are usually placed in a queue and put on hold. Often, when the call is finally answered, the respondent can only answer basic questions, so your call is routed to an engineer, whom you'll never hear from.

While we understand it isn't always this bad, we know you've been there.

Customer Support is different at EmpowerFinancials. When you have a question, pick up the phone and call us. You are never placed on hold.

If yours is a new installation, you can enter the extension of one of the two Project Managers assigned to your account. This is useful since your account managers are not only familiar with the Empower products, but are also familiar with your business.

If your question is more technical in nature, you can dial our Customer Support extension and talk to a software engineer. The people at EmpowerFinancials who take your support calls are the same people who develop the products. Therefore, your first conversation is with someone who can solve your problem.

Having our customers tell us how much more they like the support at EmpowerFinancials is a great source of satisfaction. It comes as the result of more than just making sure we have enough people to answer the phones, it's having the right people answer the phones.

Building the customer support infrastructure into our development teams insures that good support is part of our overall design. Having our developers answer support calls ensures that the design of the EmpowerFinancials products incorporates the philosophy of easy to learn, easy to use, rather than quick to write, difficult to use.

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