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Great software is where we begin, not where we end. With 20 years of experience in providing total solutions to our customers, we understand that no matter how good the software is, it is equally important to provide consulting, training, custom programming, user conferences, and support to ensure that all of the benefits available from the EmpowerFinancials products are realized by your organization.


Consulting begins with the sale. Prior to agreeing to do business, an Empower Project Manager reviews your current business practices, requirements, expectations, staff levels, and equipment to insure that the your goals and our products fit. Empower Project Managers are experienced (over 10 years), educated (MBA and business graduates), and knowledgeable (technical expertise in DBMS, Windows, networks). We find that by closely targeting who we sell our products to insures the success of the project.

One of the most satisfying statistics about EmpowerFinancials is that in over 20 years of marketing software, 100% of the software sold became operational. This success is a direct result of using a consultative approach in offering our products. When you initially contact EmpowerFinancials, your account is assigned to a Project Manager who stays with you during the sale, the implementation, training, conversion, and initial six months of support. Having one person be responsible for all aspects of our professional relationship with your organization insures there are no surprises after the sale.

Project Managers are also available after the implementation to provide additional consulting when your business requirements change, your staff changes, or you become ready to do more with the software than the original scope of the project. Having an experienced, knowledgeable consultant who understands your objectives available is a cost-efficient means of extending your workforce.


People learn how to use software best when they work with information they are familiar with. That is why all training for Empower products is done using client data. Whether the training class is held at your site or in our training class in Ann Arbor, we know people learn best when they are working with their own information.

We also always tailor the training to how you use our products. For each client, the Project Manager develops a training plan, allocating training time based on the number of people, the complexity of the processing, and the degree to which you are able to implement the wide variety of features in Empower.

With a training plan tailored to your needs, you avoid wasting time in a generic off-site training class learning about topics that are irrelevant to your training needs.

Custom Programming

While we try and think of everything in designing the EmpowerFinancials family of products, we know that in some cases the requirements of your organization are special and require custom programming in order to efficiently process certain business transactions. To meet this need, products are designed to easily incorporate changes, without compromising the integrity of the core product.

EmpowerFinancials business object design permits us (or you) to add components onto our base package. This can be as simple as using one of our standard preferences to change a business rule, such as whether AP Invoices are approved or unapproved when entered, or as complex as adding hundreds of lines of code to extend the validation of time entered in payroll to meet the requirements of a union contract.

Another important benefit of using EmpowerFinancials is that we support all custom programs in future releases. Using a proprietary methodology in the software design of our products, Empower can ship future releases with all of your customizations intact. All you need to do is install the software from the CD, and your modifications, which were tested at our site prior to shipment, will work in the latest release(s) of your product(s).

User Conferences

One of the reasons for the success of EmpowerFinancials is our close communication with our customers. Our user conferences, where we meet with customers to exchange ideas on how to improve our products, are one of the most important vehicles for this communication.

These conferences are more than just an excuse to get out of the office. Instead, each conference provides a dual track--technical and business--where we provide training in the use of our products, as well as technical tips and consultation to insure the products run as efficiently as possible within our clients' environments.

At each conference, we strive to be sure each attendee walks away with more knowledge than (s)he came with. However, the learning experience works both ways. We have found that some of our best ideas for how to improve our products have come from client suggestions at user conferences.


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