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EmpowerSO is the cornerstone module of Empower's e-business distribution software, providing the technology you need to better manage the entire sales cycle of your products.

Whether you begin by entering a quote on the Web or by placing an order from your desk, EmpowerSO works with you during each step of processing the order: from approval, to acknowledgement, to confirmation, to procurement, to logistics, to shipping, to billing, to collection.

After the order is processed, EmpowerSO’s Sales Analysis module provides timely reporting of gross sales, gross margin, and net profit to keep you on top of what products and customers are having the greatest impact on your sales and on your bottom line.

Efficiency is one of the hallmarks of EmpowerSO. Once a quote/order has been placed, all of the processing related to that quote/order is handled electronically, eliminating the usual delays inherent in manual paper based systems.

Communication within your organization, as well as with your customers, is improved using EmpowerSO’s Internet module, EmpowerAccess. With EmpowerAccess your agents and/or customers can easily track the progress of their orders at any time during the day or night.

EmpowerSO's Document Approval window allows an approver to easily review unapproved quotes/orders.

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An approver can approve, cancel, or modify a quote/order with a few clicks of the mouse.

e-Business Workflow Improves Communications With Your Customers While Increasing Your Efficiency In Processing Orders

Changing Workflow

Consider for a moment the number of steps involved in the way your organization currently interacts with your customers. Most of your procedures, policies, and workflow are the result of a number of steps developed over time, usually encumbered by redundancy, large amounts of paper, sometimes poor communication, and a not-so-small amount of frustration. But you get the job done.

Now sit back and imagine a different scenario, one using the Empower’s e-business methodology.

Easily Create Quotes and Orders

Orders/quotes are placed electronically over the Web by your sales force or directly by your customers. These orders are electronically routed to one or more approvers who review the order, check stock, modify the terms, and approve or cancel the order/quote right from their workstations.

Once approved, the quote/order is placed on the electronic Scoreboard where everyone in your organization can track its progress from inception to completion, while the customer is emailed a quote/order acknowledgement.

Better Logistics Mean Better Customer Service

Once the order is confirmed, if goods or services need to be purchased, all necessary purchase orders are electronically created, reviewed, and emailed to your vendors, or alternatively, the required inventory is reserved and the reserved quantity is factored into EmpowerIV’s Stock Notification module.

After the goods are procured, staging the shipment is easily handled using EmpowerSO’s Logistics module where scheduling freight carriers, creating shipping documentation, and emailing invoices are all part of EmpowerSO’s e-business model of electronic communication.

EmpowerSO’s Scoreboard

Knowing the current status of every quote/order is one of the many ways EmpowerSO improves communication.

The Scoreboard uses red, yellow and green lights to signal whether an order requires attention. Customer questions, problems, resolutions, and any other communication pertinent to an order are easily recorded using the Scoreboard’s e-notes feature, giving everyone from top management to the shipping dock access to all communication about each order.

The Scoreboard Summary keeps everyone informed on the number and value of all of your outstanding quotes/orders.

Order Scoreboard
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