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EmpowerIV is the heart of Empower's e-business distribution software, providing the tools you need to insure your inventory levels meet the demand of your organization in the most cost effective way possible.

Knowing accurate levels of inventory and understanding current and future demands upon that inventory are crucial elements in creating customer satisfaction. EmpowerIV provides the e-business tools required to meet this objective head on.

Starting with EmpowerIV’s extensive Item Catalog, you can document all of the rules for selling, buying, and warehousing each of the thousands of items used in your business. Multiple units of measure, multiple costing methods, and automatic generation of requisitions/purchase orders are just a few of the many features EmpowerIV provides.

Keeping accurate on-hand balances and knowing future demand and supply of every item is easy with EmpowerIV. Item demand resulting from EmpowerSO, and item supply resulting from EmpowerPO, are sent to EmpowerIV instantaneously. Using this information, EmpowerIV determines which Items require attention and automatically creates an unapproved requisition of purchase order for these items. The Inventory Manager can electronically review the requisition/purchase order, check past usage of the item, then approve, cancel, or adjust the document with a few clicks of the mouse.

Since EmpowerIV handles the tough part of the job, that means you have more time to sit down and analyze inventory usage using EmpowerIV’s inquiry capability, which provides the entire history of each item from a single window.

EmpowerIV’s Item Inquiry window shows the current balance, demand, and supply for an item for each warehouse in your operation.

Item Balances
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One click of the mouse allows you to see the sales orders/purchase orders that make up that demand/supply.

Cost Effective Control While Meeting Demand Is The Goal And The Result

Talent And Technology

It would be easy to always meet inventory demand if you had an unlimited budget. But you live in the real world.

So the next best thing is to manage your inventory levels within your budget. To do that takes talent, and it takes technology. Which is where EmpowerIV comes in.

Starting by asking the question, "What does the inventory manager need to know?" EmpowerIV was designed around the concept that all activities in the distribution of your products must flow through inventory. So EmpowerIV was built to provide timely, accurate information about on-hand balances, sales demands, and purchase supplies.

Buying And Selling

Control begins with consistent rules and EmpowerIV begins with an extensive Item Catalog, which enables you to document all of the parameters used in selling, purchasing, and warehousing the items you inventory.

For items that you sell, the Item Catalog supports an infinite number of pricing structures, including volume discounts, customer specific pricing, industry pricing, and special offers.

For the items you purchase, EmpowerIV handles a wide range of problems that occur when using multiple vendors for procurement, including different units of measure, accounting for different lead times, quantity and price tolerances, and special terms and freight requirements.

Timing Is Everything

The heart of EmpowerIV is in controlling the timing of the receipts and issues of your items in order to minimize an out-of-stock condition.

Since EmpowerIV is constantly receiving demand and supply from EmpowerSO and EmpowerPO, it easily calculates when an out-of stock condition might occur based on quantities and expected receiving/shipping dates. If an out-of-stock condition is likely, EmpowerIV automatically creates a requisition to correct the problem and electronically routes the information to the Inventory Manager for action.

That kind of technology helps, then it’s up to you to supply the talent.

Item Catalog
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The Item Catalog documents all of your rules regarding the selling, purchasing, and warehousing of each item.
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