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EmpowerHR is a complete software system for use by personnel departments. With EmpowerHR, personnel departments can maintain electronic employee personnel folders, define and enter employee benefits, track employee entitlements( such as vacation and sick time), define and enter employee retirement plans, enter and review applicant information, set-up and monitor COBRA requirements, perform wage analyses and employee reviews, establish and monitor training requirements and certification by position, and produce EEOC and OSHA reports.

What this all means is that with EmpowerHR you gain rapid access to employee information and can easily recall and analyze that information to answer a wide variety of questions about your employee or applicant population.

As equally important as EmpowerHR’s list of features is how easy EmpowerHR is to learn and use. Integrated, context sensitive Help buttons are available on each window. EmpowerHR’s user-defined table structure provides optimum flexibility and guarantees you work with your nomenclature, not ours.

While features are important, the true measure of any personnel software is the ability to inquire and analyze your information. EmpowerHR provides a comprehensive set of analytical tools to ensure that captured information is reported and analyzed in a meaningful way. First among these is a series of inquiries. Second is a set of standard reports, and third is a comprehensive report writer that allows users to query information and produce custom reports.

The Employee Personnel Folder allows you to conveniently update all types of employee information from a single window.

Employee Profile
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All Of The Modules You Need To Provide Better Management Through Better Information

Employee Folder

EmpowerHR’s Employee Personnel folder stores information about each employee, including an unlimited number of custom attributes you define. With EmpowerHR’s electronic Personnel Folder you can maintain and review all types of employee information from a single window. When a new employee is hired, you can easily create the employee folder by transferring information from an applicant file.


EmpowerHR’s Entitlements module enables you to track time accrued and/or taken by an employee toward entitlements such as vacation or sick time.

For each entitlement you define the rules for eligibility and for how employee’s accrue time. When an employee takes time off, the entitlement balance is updated (automatically when using EmpowerPY) and a comprehensive audit trail of time accrued/taken is always available for each year.

Benefit Administration

EmpowerHR’s Benefit Administration module helps you manage the administration of your benefits. As employees are enrolled in Benefits, EmpowerHR checks their eligibility and calculates the cost of the benefit, for both the employee and employer. EmpowerHR supports a wide range of benefit calculations including fixed amount, percentages, age based, and hours based.

Retirement Plans

EmpowerHR’s Retirement Plans module makes 401K administration easy. Other popular plans are also supported and EmpowerHR can easily interface with your third party administrator.

Applicant Processing

EmpowerHR’s Applicant module enables you to easily analyze how effective your recruiting is and where your successful candidates come from.

Training and Certification

EmpowerHR allows you to record all training and certification received by your employees. In addition you can easily schedule in-house training classes, enroll employee’s and graduate an entire class with a few keystrokes.

Salary Administration

EmpowerHR’s Salary and Wage Administration module enables you to monitor and administer wage and salary policies. First among these policies is the employee salary/performance review where you schedule reviews, record results and monitor department manager’s progress.


EmpowerHR makes compliance with government regulations for COBRA and EEOC a snap. When regulations change EmpowerHR is automatically updated with new rules and reports to make you job easier.

EmpowerHR's Training module keeps a history of each training class you hold and who attended the class.

Schedule Training
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