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EmpowerAR is a comprehensive tool that enables you to effectively manage your receivables operation. Starting with a flexible, table driven setup, EmpowerAR’s features facilitate efficient processing of customer information, invoices, credit memos, and cash receipts. In addition to easily handling your receivables transactions, EmpowerAR provides easy to use credit and collection tools to insure timely follow-up of overdue accounts.

EmpowerAR also offers a compre-hensive means for creating and printing invoices. With features such as automatic price verification and email, entering and sending invoices has never been easier.

Flexible and easy to use, Empower-AR’s check entry module improves the efficiency of recording cash receipts. Using any one of EmpowerAR’s four automatic application methods, the application of cash to open invoices has never been faster. Features such as NSF checks and the ability to reverse any application means greater accuracy and elimination of unnecessary paperwork.

With EmpowerAR’s intuitive question and answer inquiry, you have access to information when you need it. Knowing a customer’s receivables position at all times means you can manage your business better.

Analysis of a customer’s credit history, showing their current aging and a summary of transactions, is just one of many EmpowerAR inquiries.

Credit Analysis
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Increase Your Efficiency When Creating Invoices/Credit Memos

Helping you reduce the time required to enter, print, and verify the accuracy of invoice and credit memo informa-tion is one of EmpowerAR’s strengths.

All EmpowerAR invoices and credit memos provide a number of time saving features including:

  • Different ship to and bill to names and addresses when required.
  • Ability to set payment terms and automatically calculate the due date and, if appropriate, the discount date.
  • Print invoices using pre-printed forms or directly email invoices to your customers.
  • Ability to use different GL posting dates from the invoice date.
  • Automatically assign the item price using EmpowerAR’s price table, indexed by quantity and customer class.
  • Ability to allocate each line item to an unlimited number of GL accounts.
  • Assign multiple taxes for each invoice and include/exclude individual line items from each tax. EmpowerAR automatically calculates the amount of each tax.
  • Assign document classes or sales analysis codes for sales analysis reporting.
  • Real time update to EmpowerGL balances.

Credit And Collection Tools Help To Control Your Receivables Position

EmpowerAR’s Credit and Collection module provides the tools necessary to insure you have up to the minute information about each customer’s activity.

Aging Reports

Starting with a summary or detail aging of your customer’s accounts, you can see your receivable position as of any point in time. This means you can request an aging as of this minute, or ask to see the aging as of the close of the prior fiscal period.


EmpowerAR also provides the ability to send Statements to customers to inform them of their receivables position. You can request statements for a single customer, a group of customers, or all customers. The aging of the statements can also be as of any point in time. This means you can begin processing transactions for the next period before you finish closing the current period.

Intuitive Inquiries

Perhaps the most powerful tool in EmpowerAR’s Credit and Collections module is the Customer Inquiry. EmpowerAR’s inquiries provide a total picture of a customer’s activity. From a single window you can easily receive information to answer any question you might have about a customer’s account. Having this information at your fingertips is especially useful when discussing a problem with a customer over the phone.

Another time saving feature of EmpowerAR’s inquiries is the ability to drill down from a summary inquiry to the supporting detail. A click of the mouse can take you from a display of a check, to the invoices it paid. Another click and you can view the invoice line items.

And since you can easily print or email the contents of any inquiry, you can provide more information to more people faster and easier than ever before.

EmpowerAR’s Delinquent Customer window captures all accounts with a past due balance and sorts the information by oldest outstanding invoice.

Delinquent Customer
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Collection agents can record notes and follow-up dates after talking with a customer (contacted accounts appear in red).

EmpowerAR refreshes the information each day, so when a contacted account pays the delinquent invoice they are automatically removed.
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