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These partners provide quality software to solve industry requirements, while using the full functionality of EmpowerFinancials.
  Empower's mission is to increase your organization's efficiency in processing information and to improve the timeliness of delivering that information through the use of our e-business technology.  


EmpowerFinancials was incorporated in 1983 in Ann Arbor, MI to provide accounting, payroll, and distribution software to what was then an emerging market for packaged software. The founders of the company had a number of years experience in providing quality software and service for one on the world's largest payroll and accounting service corporations, Automatic Data Processing (ADP), and they formed EmpowerFinancials to bring that expertise to the packaged software industry.

The first products were targeted for medium and large corporations, running on mainframe computers. The initial success of the company came from meeting the complex requirements of many large organizations, including the world's seventh largest coal company, Macy's Department Stores, multinational paper companies, as well as a host of smaller, yet complex installations.

Beginning in 1993 with the emerging dominance of the Windows operating system, EmpowerFinancials changed its business model in order to take advantage of the experience gained in the first ten years of operation and the power of a relational database solution. The result was the EmpowerFinancials product line, which incorporated the functionality required by complex organizations, but with a friendly, easy-to-use Windows interface. This duality of experience and power, combined with EmpowerFinancials' capabilities with multiple database managements systems (Sybase, SQL Server and Oracle) provided scalability, enabling EmpowerFinancials to service a wide variety of organizations, from a small company with 50 employees to a publicly traded billion dollar transportation company.

As technology continues to change, so does EmpowerFinancials. Today, our products have gone beyond features and benefits, and are now empowered to bring the advantages of an e-business model to your organization.


In addition to directly marketing EmpowerFinancials products throughout North America from our corporate headquarters in Ann Arbor, EmpowerFinancials has partnered with several leading software firms to supply industry specific solutions. These partners provide quality software to solve industry requirements, while using the full functionality of EmpowerFinancials for the accounting and payroll requirements of your organization.

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